Full Moon in Virgo


by Jill Wintersteen of Spirit Daughter

This Thursday we are greeted with the first of two Full Moons this March. The first Full Moon in our series takes place in the sign of Virgo, known as the Goddess of service. Full Moons are a powerful phase in our lunar cycle which bring us the energy of opposition. When the Moon is Full, she is directly opposite her male counterpart, the Sun. They are positioned in opposing zodiac signs and even rise and set in an opposing rhythm, with the Moon showing us her face as the Sun dips below the horizon. The polarization created by the Moon and the Sun provides us earthlings with the energy necessary to harmonize opposing forces within us.

Opposing signs of the Zodiac are always two sides of the same coin. They form an axis of energy, which shows us the full range of a vibrational frequency. They are as much similar as they are different. Each zodiac sign has a low side to its energy and a high side. Often times, it is the low sides of the energy that are rivals, while the high sides are similar in nature. Full Moon’s shed light on the low sides of each sign and through this awareness, we are able to release these frequencies. Once we understand the low side, we are able to integrate the high sides of each sign. Through this integration, we find a balance point along the spectrum of energy which will be most beneficial for our lives.

This Full Moon in Virgo illuminates the full vibrational spectrum of service and form. At one end we have Pisces, where the Sun is positioned, who is boundless and all-encompassing. Pisces is of service to others through the full entanglement of energies. This entanglement is an example of two little form. It can be very beneficial for healing but comes at a cost to the healer, who often takes on energy that does not belong to her. The low side of Pisces is lack of form or boundaries. When the Moon is Full in Virgo, opposing Pisces, she shows us areas in our life that we may be lacking boundaries, even with ourselves. Another common low side of Pisces is the urge to escape through any means possible. This escape is an example of the missing boundaries with ourselves, as it shows a lack of discipline in our consciousness.

At the other end of the spectrum is Virgo, who is structured and organized in her energy. Virgo’s low side is too much form. Her energy can become very rigid and inflexible to change. When applied to the spectrum of service, Virgo can become bossy and over analytical. These traits can restrict her true mission of service, by restricting the space needed for growth and healing. Where Pisces likes to escape, Virgo likes to stay and confront the problem head-on. This can be a good thing, but can also feel like a smothering mother, not allowing her child to grow at her own pace. We sometimes have this trait in our own mind when we force ourselves to do something just because it’s on the schedule, but our heart and our magic are not present. There must be space in our consciousness for serendipity and spontaneity if want to be fully present in the world around us, a requirement for true healing.

This Full Moon, look at your own spectrum of form and service. Do you identify with any of the low sides of Virgo or Pisces? Furthermore, are you willing to shed them and form a new energetic pattern of existence within this spectrum? Each Full Moon grants us the opportunity to create shifts in our consciousness so we align with the high sides of each sign and learn to fully embrace them within. This Full Moon in Virgo is asking us to develop just the right amount of form through healthy boundaries so we may be of service to the world. We can not fully be of service to others if we are taking on their energy and harming ourselves, nor can we be of service if we are overly rigid in our energy. To integrate the high side of service of both Pisces and Virgo, we need to create a flexible container for ourselves and others. In this container, we have space to grow and give to others, but the energy is contained enough that it has direction.

Both Virgo and Pisces carry very healing energies and we are working with both of them this Full Moon. Both carry an element of service and both represent the capacity of humanity to heal itself and others. They achieve this through different means, but their end result is still the same. To fully align with their high vibrations, we need to release their low vibrations and find a point of balance in our establishment of boundaries. Finding this balance is the cosmic opportunity of the Virgo Full Moon.

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Jill Wintersteen

Jill Wintersteen is an incredible astrologist, spiritual leader, and writer. She is the intuitive mind behind Spirit Daughter, a line of practical New Moon Workbooks that teach you not only about each new moon phase, but also astrology, crystals, rituals, and helps you to discover more about yourself.

Jill was on the path to becoming a neuroscientist because of her interest in the study of human consciousness and the mind, but then followed her heart on the path to astrology, chinese medicine, yoga and overall wellness for not only the mind, but the body and spirit.