the seed was planted in 2016... a hot yoga class in Santa Monica, CA. The two starry-eyed yogis, allie michelle + raquelle mantra, were drawn to each other's bright energy... but too shy to say a word. 

(Fun fact: Allie was known as "mermaid girl" in Raquelle's mind before she knew Allie's name). 

When the two finally exchanged words, there was an instant inviting + familiar connection. Allie briefly mentioned she was subbing a 6 am hot yoga class the next day, and didn't know how many people would come... and guess who showed up.  

(Side Note: Raquelle is still surprised to this day that she didn't hesitate to take it. Only Allie, as a complete stranger, could convince her to do this... aka there was something special about "mermaid girl" and their connection, already).

A year later, the two reconnected on Instagram... Allie just moved to Hawaii + Raquelle was living in Bali. They messaged about travel, nature, meditation, escaping LA and feeling called to do a meditation teacher training... in which they did, in India.

A month later, the two reconnected in the physical world... making a scene with excitement, cheers and smiles at a tiny airport carousel in Dharamshala, India. If they only knew what would come of this...

During their two hour drive to their training at the top the Himalayan Mountains, they revisited that instant connection + familiar warmth. Both knowing deep down (but not yet voicing) that this was going to be more than a two week journey for the two of them. 

A+R spent half a month meditating 6-9 hours a day and staying present in each other's company 24 hours a day in a challenging environment. To this day, they both agree, there was no way they would've survived or made it through the whirlwind of a journey in India if they didn't have each other.  

Though the two weeks spent together felt like twenty years... became clear in less than a day to recognize -- due to their life's countless twin synchronicities, aligned values, dreams and beliefs -- that part of their purpose on this earth was to create something magical together. Something that could impact the world. Something to help people tap into their higher self, find their truth and live their magic. 

So the self-declared "soul twins" decided to begin their creation by sharing their enlightening and not-so-enlightening experiences. And though they are both writers, they recognized that writing their truth is a comfortable place, and they should overcome this fear by speaking their truth. 

So... a podcast it is.

Brainstormed this idea in their walk-in closet sized, molding room, dark in India, brought light into the ongoing internal and external challenges they faced in the mountains.

The idea they could scale this, and not only inspire through their own turmoil and stories, but pick the brains of other visionaries who are making a great impact on the world, would help people find their own truth... and live their own magic.

So, on a rainy (no, hailing) day in the Himalayas... the idea of "Your Own Magic" podcast, was formed.

Let's see what unfolds...